This Journalist Began a Big-Nose Movement With One Viral Post

With body empowering movements at the forefront and social media influencers challenging our ideas about beauty every day, it was only a matter of time until our big noses joined in the conversation. Now thanks to award-winning writer and journalist Radhika Sanghani, the “big-nose taboo” is finally broken.

Spearheading the so-called big-nose movement, Sanghani shared her empowering stance in a now-iconic piece she wrote for the Evening Standard, in which she opened up about her struggles with body acceptance. “Getting a nose job is something I have debated since I realized it was possible, aged 11,” she admitted, but added that she couldn’t bear the thought of having a new nose and then realizing the problem wasn’t her nose, but rather – her.

“And then suddenly, this year, everything changed,” she wrote, candidly. “It hit me that this one insecurity had been ruling my life for 27 years. […] I knew I had to face my fears. So, after weeks of anxiety, I took my first-ever side profile selfie and posted it on social media with the hashtag #sideprofileselfie. ‘I’m breaking the big-nose taboo,’ I wrote. ‘Join me.”’ 

Her photo turned viral in almost an instant, and other big-nosed people followed up with a profile picture of their own. A couple of years later, the movement still isn’t showing signs of slowing down. “It has now reached millions, and more than 10,000 men and women have sent me their selfies, all with messages I completely relate to,” writes Sanghani. “It showed them an alternative view: that big noses could be beautiful and not something to be hidden or fixed by surgery.”

Own your big noses with pride!