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Nomad Illustrator Creates Minimalist Drawings of Women

Araki Koman describes herself as a nomad illustrator and creative coach. Currently based in Bali, Indonesia, she has lived, worked, and studied in France, UK, China, Canada, Iceland, Denmark,...

Amy Blackwell’s Illustrations Are All About Girl Power

Amy Blackwell is an illustrator, among other things. "I’m a painter, printmaker, knitter, maker, writer, reader, and I’m very fond of pancakes," she declares on her website.

This Instagram Page Encourages You to Fight Like a Girl

Candace Reels' Instagram page has long outgrown it's humble beginnings, proving to be a bustling community more than a passing fad. Creating a place where intersectional feminism is not...

Feast on Roeqiya Fris’s Richly Colored Illustrations

Illustrator Roeqiya Fris creates delighting pieces that are bathed in color. Drawing inspiration from Arab culture, fashion, and nature, she creates multi-layered sceneries that are a feast for the eyes.

Brunna Mancuso’s Bold Portraits Empower Women

Sao Paulo based illustrator, graphic designer, and visual artist, Brunna Mancuso describes herself as "a compulsive maker and creative person." Her creativeness (and, perhaps, compulsiveness) comes through her brightly...

Alja Horvat’s Illustrations Are a Breath of Fresh Air

Alja Horvat's illustrations are hard to miss. Bold, colorful women with textured dresses and flourishing backgrounds jump up from the screen, inducing a feeling of joyfulness but also nostalgia.

This Comic Strip Introduces Feminism to Babies

When should you teach your children about feminism? According to Loryn Brantz the answer is simple: when they're born. Her viral comic strip "Feminist Baby," turns complicated social issues...


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