This Stylist Revamps Renaissance Portraits With Current Fashion Pieces

Image by @mystendhalsyndrome / Instagram

For Italian stylist Antonio Patruno Randolfi, creating anachronistic portraits is a way of combining his two passions, namely contemporary fashion and the history of art, and more specifically portraits. A great lover of Renaissance paintings, this Milanese stylist has accumulated over the years an impressive amount of digital reproductions of portraits of the aristocracy of the time.

He then went through his collection to find the most inspiring ones and then to revamp them as if they were coming straight out of a cover of a fashion magazine. Selecting the latest trends seems easy enough for him, as a stylist. However, matching today’s accessories and clothing with the paintings of the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries is a more delicate task and requires a lot of imagination.

Thus, he decided to give a boost to these old portraits while bringing a certain cachet of nobility to the latest extravagances of the fashion industry. He shares his unique collages on his Instagram account, “My Stendhal Syndrome”. Through these funny compositions, all the same harmonious, Randolfi manages to mix the elegance of yesteryear with the style of today.