The Kinetic Sculptures of Ivan Black

Image by @ivanblacksculpture / Instagram

Kinetic art is an artistic movement that proposes works containing moving parts. The movement can be produced by the wind, the sun, a motor or the viewer. Welsh sculptor Ivan Black uses metal and geometric shapes to create fluid and fairly complex sculptures.

The repetition of identical shapes is a recurring theme in Black’s work. Ivan builds mobiles that come alive with a simple wrist movement. His work has been exhibited in galleries and parks around the world, including the Peggy Guggenheim Museum or the Cass Foundation.

Like artist Anthony Howe and his giant sculptures, Ivan Black masters the art of creating hypnotic movements inspired by mathematical formulas. With its minimalist design, its moving sculptures consist of several strips of metal that bend and flatten as the pieces twist, creating a hypnotic movement that is both fluid and strictly geometric.