This Video Of Baby Chameleons Will Shock You

Many people have seen chameleons before, but only a few people have seen baby chameleons. Chameleons are very unique type of animals. They don’t have ears but are still capable of detecting sounds that are within frequencies 200-600Hz. The reptiles are capable of projecting their extensive tongues to reach their prey which may be some distance away from them. Their tongues move so fast that they could reach their prey, which are mostly insects, in as little as 0.07seconds

The video shared here belongs to a reptile enthusiast, Gilang Ramadhan. His special interest in reptiles means that he’s gotten up close and personal with chameleons, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, tortoises and even snakes.

The video below features baby chameleons crawling all over his hand. All of these chameleons are seen as blue in color, which suggests that they all changed their skin color to that of the blue bin underneath them.

Perhaps the most unique aspect in chameleons is their ability to change to any color of choice, which helps them camouflage with their background. This is a protective mechanism which hides them from being seen by their predators.

Check it out!