This Wholesome Comic is About a Dracula Dad Who is “Literally Everything for His Son”

Image via mydadisdracula/Instagram

My Dad is Dracula Comics, created by artist Jason Poland, one of the most unique and wholesome comics on the internet. It follows a Dracula dad who is “literally everything for his son.”

Poland’s comics are characterized by their simplistic style, featuring charming drawings and single-panel format. In the comics, Dracula dad uses his shapeshifting abilities to turn himself into all sorts of objects and characters and surprise his son.

Every comic features son, who is a silent protagonist, being greeted by his Dracula dad in a new form. Dracula dad can be anything from a clam or rollerblades to steampunk enthusiast. The only interaction between the two is Dracula dad’s signature “HI SON” greeting.

The beauty of Poland’s comics is that they can be enjoyed by all ages and people from around the world. Also, you never know what Dracula dad might become next. He could be a mug of hot tea or a time-traveler, the only way to find out is to check out the new comic.

Poland regularly posts My Dad is Dracula Comics on Instagram, where he has close to 75K followers. He also published a book based on the comics titled “Wholesome Content: A My Dad is Dracula Comics Collection.”