This Woman Has Been Making Dresses From Wrapping Paper

Image via avantgeek/Instagram

Meet Olivia Mears, a costume designer from North Carolina, who has come up with a brilliant idea to recycle those used gift wrappers and turn them into beautiful dresses.

This inspiration started back in December 2013 when Mear’s first eco-friendly design went viral so she decided to make such dresses annually. Each costume is made of recycled wrapping papers, ribbons, bows, and lots of glitters.

Mears, who is also known on social media as avantgeek, also made an exquisite pizza dress earlier this year that was featured on ABC’s The Chew last May 2017. She’s also the maker of the infamous Taco Belle dress, worn by Taco Bell’s representatives at MTV’s 2015 Video Music Awards.

Check out her creative designs below.