Tiny Paintings of Everyday Things By Brooke Rothshank

Brooke Rothshank is an Indiana-based artist who creates adorable tiny paintings and thanks to her unique approach to painting, she has more than 78 thousand followers on Instagram.

Rothshank has been creating her miniature compositions for many years now, but ever since she became a mother of two young kids, the artist has had trouble finding time for painting. That’s why a few years ago she decided to paint one small object every day for a year.

“Depending on the complexity these daily paintings would take between 45 minutes and 4 hours. Some of my 1/12 scale replica paintings can take several days to complete,” the artist told Bored Panda. “I generally chose subject matter for the daily work based on something that was currently happening in my life. They felt like little notes I could toss out to the world to be interpreted by those who found them.”

This 365 paintings challenge ended successfully and has helped the artist stay productive to this day. She still posts her miniatures on Instagram and each one of them is like a page from her colorful diary.

To see just how tiny Rothshank’s paintings are, check out the photos below.