Humans and Animals Dissected in Surreal Illustrations By Paul Jackson

Did you ever wonder how living things work? Well, you can get an inaccurate, but highly entertaining answer if you take a look at works of British artist Paul Jackson.

Jackson is known for his surreal illustrations in which he dissects animals and humans in a really unique way. His works show their inner parts, which are largely different than the science taught us. He imagines sharks as complex machines run by humans, Bugs Bunny as a puppet controlled by an evil genius, and much more.

Jackson, whose works are inspired by pop culture, technology, and science fiction, predominantly works in film and music industry, but also creates art for his fans on social media. Thanks to the popularity of his illustrations, he got a chance to work with some high-profile brands including Universal Studios, SyFy channel, and bands like Pearl Jam and Blink 182.

Check out more of his works below.