“Twilight” – The Good Version!

Meet Julia Loopstra, a young artist who likes to draw comics of a girl named Peg and her boyfriend – who just so happens to be a vampire! 

Vampire Boyfriend is her baby project and Julia makes sure to keep us updated on the relationship between Peg and Neculai, alongside their daily struggles as a pair consisting of a mortal human and an emotionless vampire.  

But don’t be fooled by the simplicity you might experience when first looking at her comics. Once you get into them, you will see that there is a lot going on behind them and you won’t be able to stop reading them! The characters are complex, smart, sarcastic, funny, and rational – all qualities we find in ourselves (at times!). 

It seems like Julia enjoys humanizing animals and other species and you can tell by her other Instagram profile where she posts drawings of animals leading regular, human lives, wearing humans’ clothes.  Again, you can see her talent for art and creative writing.  

Her fan base is getting larger and larger and she says that as long as people follow her, her inspiration is never ending and she will continue to entertain us with the complex relationship of a modern-day Twilight story and the adorable hat-wearing animals.