Couple Builds Their Dream House: A Yurt

What was your dream house when you were young? Was it a Disney castle? Or a house that looked like every other house? Was it an igloo? Well, we can never be sure, but we can assume that your dream house probably wasn’t a yurt.  

Building a yurt wasn’t in Zach Both and Nicole Lopez to-do list, but, regardless, they took the chance and they own a yurt now.  

They even set up a website called: “Do It Yourself” where they give you detailed instructions on how to build it according to your needs and an Instagram account where they share pictures of their new, beautiful home.  

Zach says that it wasn’t an easy process, it took time, effort, and creativity but in the end, it was worth it. He says that setting up the actual yurt wasn’t difficult at all since it’s a tent, but, finding the perfect place and making the furniture for the three rooms not destroying the surroundings was the challenge they took and completed.  

Inside they have everything they need – a living room, bedroom, toilet, kitchen, and even a small garden. Follow their social media so you can get inspired to maybe start building your own dream house.