Unique Take on Iconic Comic Book Heroes Drawn in Soviet Style

We have come to a point in time where if people are looking for something new and different, they go have to go back decades to reminisce.

That’s why movie remakes are so popular today.

Perhaps to try and take advantage of this, Zoran Cardula decided to do something that combined the old and the new as well. Or, as he’d like to call it, the retro and the modern. But, for this, he decided to use something that’s iconic and nearly everyone can relate to and spliced it with something that most people arguably have a negative view of.

Replacing the Soviet heroes prominently featured in the past, including but not limited to political leaders and scientists, with iconic and unforgettable comic heroes, Zoran Cardula creates something that’s weirdly unique and captivating.

The final results are interesting, to say the least.

To see exactly what Zoran Cardula was able to create when he mixed the past and the present, be sure to scroll down below.