Vans Challenge Goes Viral After One Tweet Reveals Something Amazing

Social media always has a new challenge that will blow your mind. Recently, the Vans challenge was started by a Twitter user who discovered that no matter how you throw your Vans in the air, they always land on the right side up.

When one Twitter user tried it, everyone started trying it, and it is amazing to watch. The initial video has more than three million views with thousands of retweets.

In all the videos, the vans always land upright. Some users tried so many things to test the idea, and the results were always the same. One user threw her vans from the top of the stairs, and both landed upright. Their reactions in the video are completely priceless.

Other users decided to test it out on crocs, and it worked as well. Have you seen this challenge yet? You can try it out with your vans and crocs.