Image via loriastern/Instagram

Loria Stern’s Instagram bio reads: “the OG flower pressed shortbread cookie since 2015.” Indeed, the Californian chef and baker became quite famous thanks to her edible flower cookies. Romantic, minimalist, and ethereal, her cookies look like tiny, delicate pieces of art – so much so that it’s almost a pity to eat them (but only almost).

Each of her cookies is made by hand. More specifically, each small batch of dough is rolled by hand, each edible flower is picked by hand, and each cookie is thoughtfully designed and then packaged by hand.

The private chef and caterer loves creating delicious and healthy foods using local, seasonal and highest quality ingredients. Many of the herbs, edible flowers, fruits, and vegetables that she uses in her dishes come from her home garden. “All cookies are made by hand with utmost care,” reads Stern’s website. “Cookies are pressed with flowers and herbs seasonally available. Every cookie is different and pressed with individual botanicals.”

“We take immense pride in our high quality ingredients and care,” adds Stern. “All ingredients are organic and of the highest quality.” Stern also passes on her special recipes and secret techniques through cooking classes that you, too, can sign up to.

In the meanwhile, enjoy her botanical desserts from afar in the gallery below.