Bling Up Your Nail Game with Britney Tokyo

Britney Tokyo describes herself as a celebrity nail artist specializing in 3D nail art and hand-painting. But with clients that include the Kardashians, Rita Ora, CL, and Ariana Grande, she’s more of a nail guru.

Born in Tokyo and based in LA, she’s won several international competitions and has amassed more than 200k followers on her Instagram page. Inspired by street and high fashion, her nail art caters to the mixed high-brow-low-brow aesthetic, adored by celebrities.

“I wanted to be a painter when I was girl — and now I’m painting on nails!” exclaimed the artist in an interview with Nail Pro. Mixing multiple nail styles, her designs include holographic art, portraits, prints, typography, and even jewelry.

Talking about her work ethics she explained the importance of being prepared. “I truly believe that the basics are the most important part of nail art. And, of course, you can’t forget to put in love,” she said. And talking about her daily routine she added: “I listen to classical music every morning because my mom did the same when I was child. I especially like the piano and horns, and I even took piano and horn lessons.”

Take a look at some of her more elaborate designs in the gallery below.