Artist Captures the Vibe of Korean Convenience Stores in Her Drawings

There is something charming and appealing about Korean convenience stores. They are set up to look inviting, and their storefronts are usually filled with all sorts of eye-catching details that you can’t help but be intrigued about.

Artist Me Kyeoung Lee has spent most of the past two decades capturing the vibe of Korean convenience stores in her drawings. Made with colored pens, these drawings show the stores in their full beauty and serve as an invitation for the viewer to visit them and enjoy their aesthetics in person. 

Most of the convenience stores shown in Lee’s drawings are actual places she encountered during her travels throughout the country. She hopes that her art will help people appreciate them more, considering that the number of these stores is on the decline due to the increasing presence of store chains and modern establishments that are taking their place.

“So it became not important for me that the place where the store located, what the store is selling, the time when the store is going to be removed, or whether the store is monumental or not,” she shares on her website. “The small store which I draw only keeps warmness inside of my heart without holding bleak air or damp moisture, even if it is raining or snowing, or darkness is coming.”

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