Artist Spends 120 Hours to Hand-paint Large Pop Culture Mural

Any artist knows that one of the most time consuming things to work on is a mural. Regardless of talent and skill, it can still take an individual dozens if not hundreds of hours to finish a mural, especially a sizeable one. That’s exactly what happened to this artist, who is based in Perth, Western Australia.

Claire Marie decided to let her creativity get the best of her, and the result is 120 hours of her time having been spent over the past few weeks creating a large mural that includes some of pop cultures biggest and most famous characters.

This list of characters include the likes of Deadpool and comic book characters, as well as characters from the animated movies, Monsters, Inc., and even classic Mary Poppins.

Scroll down below to see snippets of how the entire process started out and what the result was over 26 days, or 120 hours of work.