Artist Turns Old Tyres Into Stunning Sculptures

Meet Nkwocha Ernest an artist from Nigeria. He turns discarded old tyres into awesome sculptures.

“I’m trying to sanitise the environment – and as well sensitise the people.” Says Earnest.

Earnest has been turning old tyres into sculptor for seven years. He gets his ideas on what to work on from what he has already worked on. At one time, he worked on a crocodile and it greatly motivated him to work on more animals.

His love to recycle trash and turn into incredible art is not only mind blowing but also inspiring. He easily finds his material within his neighborhood and loves the fact that his talent helps to sanitize the environment.

In his spare time, he sensitizes the community about the usefulness of the tyre material. Although he has worked on several animal figures, he is trying to work on animal sculptors.

His prayer is his work to be recognized beyond Nigeria and Africa. He also wishes to hold international exhibitions.

Scroll down to see his amazing work.