Artist Uses Her Graphic Design Skills to Create Videos of Various Drinks

According to their bio, Mugology is a YouTube channel created by Adam and Adrianna where they teach you “the discipline of drinkware.”

Mugology is all about enhancing your drinking experience of your favourite drinks through Mugelicious recipes and awesome drinkware. Whatever drink you’re into, we’ve got it.”

But how do you know if this channel is for you? Well, the couple posted a few questions, and if ‘YES’ is the most common answer, then you are in the right place.

“You want to try the unbelievably delicious drink recipes that make you close your eyes, lean back and whisper ‘YESSS’. You wish to discover the best tips and tricks that will help you master The Discipline Of Drinkware. You are curious to explore the legendary drinkware products. You are interested in the history and myths of the drinkware world.”

See the tutorials below and subscribe to Mugology if you like their content.