Audun Grimstad Paints Lush Clothing to Explore the Importance of Fashion

Audun Grimstad is a talented painter from Tromsø, Norway who uses art to discuss the importance of beauty and fashion in our lives. The artist paints lush fashion garments against rich and fascinating backgrounds. Each of his paintings attempts to deconstruct the garment and space around it. 

“His current series of work, “HEARTLAND” plays with elements of fashion design — ornate garments, lush spaces, bold colors — to create abstract arrangements and mysterious worlds that explore issues of identity the feeling of being trapped inside the facades we construct around ourselves,” we read on his website. Grimstad currently lives and works between Paris and New York.

Browsing through the artist’s Instagram account, we saw a great number of incredible paintings. You can see some of them below, and for more, follow him on this social network.

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“Gather” 16×20” Oil on canvas

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