Cut-paper Representations of Microbes by Rogan Brown

Image via Rogan Brown/Facebook

Do you remember cutting paper snowflakes? Rogan Brown has lifted that unassuming artistic expression you’ve experienced in school, and taken it to the n-th level by combining this with microbiology.

Those expansive scale paper models may resemble snow or coral reefs, but they are a representation of different types of microorganisms and life forms. The pattern you see looks natural, but alien at the same time. Brown insists they’re not an imitation but artful reimagining of microbiomes.

Some of those models are hand-cut with a scalpel, while other are laser-cut; most of them take around five months to finish, and just like the natural structures he recreates in paper form, they’re not based on a strictly prepared plan but evolve naturally. The artist begins with sketches of some of those designs, which then pass the mockup stage and lastly are modeled in 3-D. The finished piece contains a multitude of layers that can be arranged freely.

You can check out some of Brown’s paper sculptures below.