Dog Helps Another Dog Out Of a Gutter in Heartwarming Video

Animals exhibit sympathy and love as we have seen in several videos. Despite the claims that animals do not show sympathy, many animals, both domestic and wild, have shown more than this. Instinct is not the only thing that drives them

This dog in the video is an older and bigger dog. He spots another dog in a gutter, a smaller one and tries to help him out. He enters the gutter and tries to draw the smaller dog out, but it does work. The next line of action was thought out carefully and involved pulling the little dog’s collar and dragging it over the gutter.

The canine drags the leash of the other pet and climbs up, taking the small dog with it. In no time, the small dog reaches the top, and they walk free together. The heartwarming video shows that animals really care about each other and about humans too. Watch the video below.