Embroider Creates Beautiful Artwork Inspired By Nature

According to her personal website, the embroiderer, textile artist and illustrator Laura Baverstock “mixes traditional stitching techniques with her contemporary design practice.” The artist seeks her inspiration from everything that surrounds her; from nature and objects made by man. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Hand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors and Textile Art from the Royal School of Needlework.

From bees to octopuses, and desert lions, the artist uses strong shapes and silhouettes that are contrasted against refined and delicate detail. To create her work, Baverstock finds illustrations and photographs to get to know her subject better and to develop her ideas.

Her embroidery art has been used in many fields, from couture, costume, womenswear, menswear and interiors. She has worked with big brand names such as Nicholas Oakwell Couture for the GREAT British Industry campaign, Alexander McQueen, HBO and Legendary Entertainment

To see her creations, check out her Instagram account where she has attracted over 6.7 thousand followers.