Enchanting Paper Folding Sculptures Created By Polly Verity

Polly Verity is a gift paper sculptor who creates remarkable artworks using only her hands. She comes from an artistic family and her talent started to show at a very young age; she was only eight when she began folding sheets.

“I tried to fold along the profile of a face, and I realized that I could tweak the paper on either side just very slightly and ease curves out to give volume and form. When I tried the same technique in watercolor paper, I suddenly had micro-control over the resulting curved forms and they became soft and sensual. So each face goes on to inform the next and they have become a sort of series,” the artist told Colossal and added that her artworks have been exhibited in galleries worldwide.

She is also on social media, where she regularly posts images of her creations. You can find her on Instagram where she has attracted more than 29,000 followings.

Scroll down and check out her pieces below.