Fashion Illustrator Finds Inspiration from the Street

Fashion illustrator Clym Evernden regards his approach to art as “very non-elitist.” “It doesn’t necessarily have to be something in a gallery or on a pedestal,” he explained in an interview with Regent Street Online, “it could be something on the street.”

Indeed, much like fashion, his art is living and breathing; his signature ink-based style—loose and playful. It’s his non-elitist approach that has caught the attention of huge brands—anything from Louis Vuitton and Audi to Net-A-Porter and Moët Hennessy.

A graduate of Central Saint Martins, Evernden studied BA Fashion Design Womenswear prior to working solely as an artist. Nowadays his work encompasses illustration as well as animation and campaign direction, with his work published on a variety of platforms including television commercials and onsite installations.

“What has always excited me about it, like clothing, is that it can play a part of everyday life,” he explained his love of art and fashion. “I love that it can be a sketch jotted on a post-it note, or a painting hanging in the National Gallery. I’m also excited by how it’s constantly evolving, aided by changes in how we consume, social media, etc.”

Take a look at some of his exciting work in the gallery below: