Feast on Hannah Lock’s Richly Colored Illustrations

British illustrator Hannah Lock doesn’t shy away from color. Using colored pencils she creates engaging compositions featuring dramatic color contrasts. Her pieces tend to feature naturalistic themes (mainly plants and flowers), but there are a lot of artistic references to be found as well.

“I used to use a lot of ink and watercolor,” said Lock in an interview with Catapult, “then I felt like I’d reached a dead-end with how far I could take the media.” Having graduated from the Cambridge School of Art, her toolbox these days consists mainly of Faber-Castell polychromos pencils.

Her creative process includes a lot of visual research and some sketching beforehand. After deciding on a direction, she illustrates the final piece. “Sometimes I start with a loose, faint sketch, and then go on to draw the final on top,” says Lock. “Sometimes I just start with a blank piece of paper and work from there.”

Her Instagram page features her personal work, as well as her commercial pieces, with collaborations featuring brands like Intercom, Catapult, Bulletin Magazine, and the Covent Gardener. You’ll want to take note.