Gabriella Sanchez Mixes Portraits With Typography and Iconography

Gabriella Sanchez’s paintings ooze with cool. A mix of portraits, typography, and iconography, her art centers around the tension of duality and explores how meaning is created and received through both text and imagery. This is often done through a semi-autobiographical lens and considers the impact of public narratives on the formation of identity.

In other words: her art stands out in the crowd, making her sought after by respectable clients like NIKE, The White House (during Obama’s presidency) and Planned Parenthood.

“All my work, commercial or otherwise, has similarities in that it’s still has a level of my voice and aesthetic vision that comes through,” she shared with Create & Cultivate. “However, the approaches and concepts for my fine art versus my commercial work are very different.”

“For commercial work, you are given a general objective and have to consider the audience may not be coming to specifically see your art but is more likely to just seeing it in passing so you must quickly and clearly communicate or entice your audience in order to get your client’s objective achieved.”

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“For my fine art work, no one else is giving me an objective. I get to build concepts out of what I’m interested in exploring or communicating and I also can be as clear or convoluted as I think is best to suit the concepts I’m pursuing,” she explained. “Very much unlike my commercial work, I like my audience to have to do the work to arrive at a conclusion when viewing my fine art.”

Check out some of her work in the gallery below.