Girl Recreates Celebrity Outfits at Home, and They Are Too Good

Don’t you love how people always recreate celebrity looks? Riley a girl from Australia loves to recreate celebrity outfits at home, and they look better than the originals.

When you think of cosplay, you imagine costumes that require a lot of time, money and effort to prepare. However, a creative person can turn this cosplay into a lot of fun by using normal everyday things.

Riley can easily demonstrate the power of using budget cosplay to imitate celebrity looks. She uses everything from plastic to food to achieve different looks. She proves noodles can make great hair and a pot is as stylish as a designer hat. And we know you will have a hard time trying to find the difference.

We wholeheartedly give a standing ovation to her for sharing 20 of their brightest transformations that brought smiles to our faces.

Get ready to be blown away by what she able to achieve by checking out her photos below.