Kentucky Has a Burrito Joint Designed Especially For Squirrels

In Lexington, Kentucky, the weirdest and cutest thing happened: a local vegan burrito joint built a tiny version of their restaurant for squirrels or smaller animals to enjoy. This restaurant is not just park-decoration, as these people have created a nice menu for our little furry friends, specially adapted to a squirrels’ digestive system.  

The meals are prepared out of peanut puree, different types of nut butter, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and acorns. The food is delivered in the form of burritos and quesadillas and brought by bikes to the new mini restaurant. There was even an opening ceremony when a tiny ribbon was cut in the name of opening the restaurant.    

The name of this burrito joint is GirlsGirlsGirls, and it’s famous for excellent organic food produced locally. If you like their work, you can follow it on Instagram or Facebook, where over 3k people enjoy their work.   

This idea is not only cute, but it’s a great initiative and an example of good and environment-aware entrepreneurship. To find out how a squirrel restaurant looks like, take a look at the photos and get inspired by this amazing environment-friendly idea!