Street Artist Creates Amazing 3D Murals That Come to Life

SCAF is a French street artist, also known as Grafo Deco, who has authored numerous murals in a large number of cities across the globe. The special something he adds to his paintings is the 3D effect, which makes the subjects of his paintings seem alive and ready for action.   

On many photos, SCAF is posing with the creatures he painted, creating humorous compositions. In one of them, he is feeding a crocodile with a doll, and in another, he is taming an angry dragon. Our personal favorites are the one where he is sitting on top of a dinosaur’s skull and the one where he is being sucked by a space void.  

His murals are so vivid and captivating that they breathe new life into old buildings’ walls in many different cities. If you are passing through Croatia, San Salvador, Colombia, or France, you can check out SCAF’s works and enrich your traveling experience.   

Most of SCAF’s works can be found on Instagram and Facebook, where around 100k people follow his amazing work.    

Scroll down and have fun diving into the insane 3D murals that this innovative artist is creating to give old architecture a second chance.