Malaysian Stay-at-Home Mom Creates Gorgeous Plates of Healthy Foods

When Lee Samantha was pregnant with her second daughter, she realized that in order to focus on the newborns needs, she’d have to get her eldest daughter to eat independently. But what’s most important, she wanted her child to learn to love healthy foods in all their varieties. And in order to do that, she knew she had to make food fun! In 2008, Samantha began transforming her daughter’s food into adorable, playful art that makes even cauliflower appealing. As she says, food presented in this way “never fails to impress her eldest daughter.”

She started posting her creations on Instagram in 2011 and has since amassed a following of 642,000 fans who rely on her for inspiration on what to cook for their kids and sheer amusement. Having her two lucky kids to continuously inspire her to create new beautiful meals that tell a story, and all the ingredients in the world, Samantha has quickly become an internationally famous food art star. Her immense creativity and love for playing with food have helped her make food art a full-time career and landed her great deals with top brands.

Check out the gallery below to admire Samantha’s delicious art!