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Ardif draws strange creatures, half organic and half mechanical, on walls in France and Navarre. He has begun to put his art in public spaces not that long ago and his drawings are becoming more and more part of the urban landscape. He studied for a career in architecture, but he has been living out his street-art passion for two years now.

Ardif does collages and has developed a theme around “mechanimals”, drawings that mix animal world, mechanical and architectural. He says he likes the idea that street-art offers everyone the desire to interpret the work in its own way, and his main goal is to take the observer into his mechano-architectural universe through a familiar animal figure.

The artist says that he’d like people to think that they are robots, hybrid beings from two different and unrelated worlds, and tries to find a balance between the two themes in his drawings. The important message he tries to convey is that developing technical and human progress is essential, but it should not be done at the expense of natural heritage.

Show at the @youngartistsmontmartre with @matt_tieu and @codexurbanus

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