Socially Responsible Company Makes Plastic Into Tiles

We’ve heard quite a lot about companies that are socially responsible, take care of the environment and re-use plastic. This company not only found a way to re-use plastic and to incorporate it in everyday life, but they do it with a zero carbon footprint.

Miniwiz is a company in Taiwan founded by architect and structural engineers Arthur Huang and Jarvis Liu. Huang and Liu founded Miniwiz back in 2005 and ever since then they’ve been trying to be as eco-friendly as possible, but also create something that is long lasting and sustainable.

One of their projects is the Trashpresso, a machine that creates tiles from plastic waste. This machine is the first step towards their recycling solution. The process of creating tiles is divided in five different stages. First the plastic is shredded, washed, then it’s air-dried and dehumidified; and lastly, it’s baked into molds. The tiles are water resistant and long lasting, so they can be used on different surfaces.

The Trashpresso is a step forward to re-using plastic in a safe way and creating sustainable long lasting materials.