Sonal Jadhav’s Digital Art is Both Eerie and Whimsical

3D artist and illustrator Sonal Jadhav creates dream-like landscapes that are both eerie and whimsical. By incorporating rich color palettes, her aim is to deliver imagery that surpasses the brief – focusing on a strong use of color and composition. Her images are also meant to please the senses, by using characters, forms, and textures that add a tactile quality to her art.

Her artwork is inspired by various art forms, including photography, architecture, and textile designs. After many years of playing around with different aesthetics, Jadhav says that she found a passion for creating surreal digital spaces. Other people followed suit, with her illustrations featured in editorials, advertising campaigns, and one-off commissions for clients around the world.

“When I am creating an illustration in 3D, I start by collecting a lot of real-life references,” explained the Netherlands-based illustrator in an interview with Ballpitmag. “Once I visualize it in my head, I go straight to 3D and build basic shapes. I spend a good amount of time on creating compositions with those basic shapes.”

According to Jadhav, composition is key. “I prefer lighting my scene as it helps me in composing and see how shapes react to light,” she adds. “Then I get into adding details to those 3D shapes, play with materials and render to bring my imagination to life.”

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