This Illustrator is Hungry For Colors

The first you notice when scrolling through Rebecca Mills’ portfolio is her obsession with color. Using carefully selected color palettes, her vibrant illustrations seem to jump right out the screen – a perfect addition to your dull Instagram feed.

Aside from color, her vector illustrations stand out for their playful themes and the use of simplified geometric shapes, crisp edges, and smooth curves. Those have caught the attention of clients like the Perth Zoo, the State Library of Western Australia, and the University of New England, as well as some 10k fans on Instagram.

โ€œMy work is digital,โ€ she told Ballpitmag. โ€œI have so much respect for those working in traditional media without the magic of undo and easy proportion/scale adjustments. Being able to adjust colors globally is also something I really love. Everything looks better when slid -5 on hue!โ€

โ€œOnce I get a brief, I sketch while split-screen researching on my iPad (normally on the couch with the terrible TV on in the background),โ€ she explained her creative process. โ€œOnce the sketches are approved by my client, itโ€™s color blocking time. If the brief allows, Iโ€™ll bring into PS and go nuts with homemade paint textures and brushes.โ€

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