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Phil Morgan Embraces Skate Culture

Phil Morgan's art embodies the spirit of punk. With a background as both a musician and skateboarder, he admits that his roots tend to sneak into his work, with...

Peru Dyer’s Murals Will Encourage You to Be a Little More Compassionate

Peruvian-Canadian muralist Peru Dyer Jalea doesn't shy away from color. Incorporating geometric shapes, clean lines, and bold colors, his murals can be spotted from afar.

Versatility is Key to Craig Black’s Typography Art

Craig Black’s lettering process begins with jotting down his ideas and creating rough thumbnail sketches. After finding the best direction, he then begins drawing each letterform.

Short and Sweet: Ricardo Gonzalez’s Typography Art is Rather Powerful

Ricardo Gonzalez's typography art speaks volumes. Featured on anything from large scale murals to small-sized stickers, his messages--short and sweet--have a powerful presence. Born in México and based in...

Pokras Lampas Takes Street Art to the Next Level

A vibrant mixture of calligraphy and graffiti, Pokras Lampas' murals and installations are a form of elevated street art. “For me, Calligraffiti is a great way to create art...

Samuel Rodriguez’s Grafitti Art Mixes Things Up

Samuel Rodriguez's art is a mixture of portrait painting, illustration, and graffiti. He differentiates between two types of portrait paintings, which he calls “Topographical Portraiture” and “Type Faces.” While...

Ju Schnee’s Playful Universe Consists of Shapes and Colors

Ju Schnee's approach to art is first and foremost: playful. Whether she's illustrating, live painting, or animating, she always makes sure to add a pinch of cheekiness to her...

This Mom Turned Her Daughter’s Room Into Hogwarts

Indra Spronk and her daughter have been huge Harry Potter fans for years. Like many Potterheads, they enjoy collecting merchandise and decorating their house with HP memorabilia. Indra also...

Street Artist Paints A Basketball Court With Bright Colors

AkaCorleone is the pseudonym of a 34-year-old visual artist called Pedro Campiche. The artist started his artistic journey as a graffiti writer in the underworld of his home city...

Artist Explores the Many Ways Shapes and Colors Interact with Each Other

Multi-disciplinary artist, Ellen Rutt, makes anything and everything, from paintings and murals to installations and wearable art. All created with a distinctive style that is bold, vibrant and graphic.


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