Teacher Encourages Students to Draw on Her Dress And The Result is Remarkable

Image via Haley Curfman/Facebook

Haley Curfman, a 2nd-grade teacher in Blackwell, Oklahoma, encourages her students to draw anything that makes them happy on a white dress. Her school doesn’t offer any art class so Haley finds ways to enhance children’s creativity and help them express themselves. She always teaches her students to spread kindness to everybody.

This is the second time Haley has done this fun art project. Her first dress didn’t get a lot of attention online but was awarded 1st place at the local county fair.

This year, her dress went viral because of the beautiful drawings made by her students. She wants to promote this great idea to her fellow teachers.

“I can’t even begin to express how surreal this past month has been for me. This is literally “the dress seen ’round the world” and yelp, it belongs to me. A fabulous, one of kind creation, that features the artwork and kind messages drawn by my little 2nd graders,” Haley says on her website.

“There is no way I could properly thank everyone that has taken the time to share their own stories and photos with me, and post kudos, but, I truly from the bottom of my heart appreciate the kindness that has been poured my way.”