This Artist Creates Amazing Artwork On Bananas

Image via isteef/Instagram

Stephan Brusche is a talented artist from Rotterdam, The Netherlands who takes art to a different level. He creates the most intricate drawings on bananas.

His art project began 6 years ago when his wife encouraged him to use Instagram to promote his illustrations and comics.

“And just after lunchtime, I wanted to experiment a bit with the app, try out the filters and such. But since I was at the office I didn’t really have anything fun or interesting to photograph. I then noticed I still had a banana left from lunch and figured it would make a fun picture if I just drew a little happy face on it.,” he told

“Discovering how pleasant it actually is to draw on a banana – there is just something about how smooth the ballpoint pen flows on the structure of the banana peel – I made another fruitdoodle, as I like to call them, the next day. One with a grumpy face, for balance’s sake.”

Since then, he continues to challenge himself to see what else he could draw on a banana. He has now more than 79k followers on Instagram and he tries to come up with interesting ideas for his fans.

Check out his latest artworks below.

Made this Happy Easter Bunny for @fyffes_ireland #happyeaster #bunny

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Rise & shine, Happy Easter! #HappyEaster #biblebanana #heisrisen

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They sleep like no otter… #otters #sleepingtogether

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👑🐵😡🏢 #kingkong

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