The Incredible Sashimi by Mikyou

The unbelievable Japanese cuisine offers many interesting and tasty specialties that become a favorite food for many of the Western world. Sashimi is exactly this kind of dish – interesting and tasty, which is appropriate for arranging the fish as slices as a true art.

Literally, the term “sashimi” means “chopped body”. But behind such a simple preparation of this dish however lies a quite specific set of skills, requiring years of rigorous training. Special techniques for cutting fish, but also specific ways depending on the species, revealing the specific texture and the different taste of the meat. In fact, the same fish prepared by two chefs may look quite different. And that’s just because of the way it’s cut and aesthetically arranged on the plate.

Mikyou is a great sashimi chef from Japan who develops figurative compositions based on thin slices of raw fish. From dragons to Disney characters and various animals, the sashimi of this Japanese chef delights his 27,000 subscribers on Instagram.