The Poetic and Sparkling Photos of Dimitri Guedes will Dazzle You

Image via dimitriguedes/Instagram

Dimitri Guedes is a French photographer living in Montreal whose work oscillates between fashion photography and dream imagery. Published a couple of times in the Italian edition of Vogue, his photos have made him known in the world of fashion, but his quirky and intriguing universe continues to attract in social networks.

Guedes’ mesmerizing photos are the result of a fascination he cultivates for human psychology, the unconscious and dreams. The ordinary has no place in the aesthetics of the photographer. Attracted by aesthetics that “flirt between dream and reality”, he creates images that are chimerical, surreal, sometimes crazy, captivating photos that satisfy our visual appetite but also nourish our unconscious. This dreamlike imagery takes us back to the disturbing beauty of our dreams and makes us float between reminiscence and contemplation.

While he started as a video artist, Dimitri has transitioned to photography in a natural way. His first desire was to be able to create his own universe, a universe with a strange and sensual atmosphere, in which all his photos would be interconnected. Strange glances, dazzling reflections, wonderful nature or incongruous gestures — these are the ingredients that make his work unforgettable.

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La victoire, 2017

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