The Quantum Sculptures of Julian Voss-Andreae

Image via julianvossandreae/Instagram

Modern art is often a mixture of seemingly incompatible stuff — and the combining of science (which always seems a bit scary) with art gives something rather impressive? One of the best examples for this kind of incredible combinations is invisible “quantum” works of art you can see below.

Julian Voss-Andreae is a German-born artist based in Portland, Oregon, USA. He has two passions in life: quantum physics and sculpture. He didn’t like choosing between them, so he found a way to do both at the same time.

Not being really familiar with the specifics of quantum physics, we cannot exactly explain what his works have to do with this scientific area. Nevertheless, Julian Voss-Andreae explains that his sculptures are his artistic interpretation of quantum physics: in his vision of the world, people consider a fact that stuff is there and is solid. In quantum physics both statements are false though; stuff is neither there nor solid, and it’s a bit shocking, the artist says.

All this sounds very enigmatic but we understand better what he means when we see his works. His anamorphic sculptures disappear when you change your angle of view. They consist of lots of metal plates all connected in a perfectly parallel way and with an identical space between each one. Thus, when we find ourselves in front of the statue, we see only the very thin slices of the iron plates and the structure becomes practically invisible.

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