These Scenes from the Harry Potter Books Never Made the Films

The book versus movie debate is a never-ending one.

Book purists will always believe that reading the books always make for a better if not definitive experience, and they have good reason to say so. After all, it’s near-impossible for even the best directors to translate what the author wrote in the books into a two-hour, or even a three-hour film.

Not even the book’s authors themselves would know how to do that!

Katie Knudson knows that, which is why, as a comic artist, she took it upon herself to try and educate Harry Potter fans who never were able to read the books, as to why some fans are very firm in their beliefs.

By drawing some of the most emotionally packed scenes that never made it to the films, Katie Knudson proves just why exactly the books are so amazing.

If you don’t believe us, then why don’t you go and see them for yourself?

Below, you’ll find some of the most touching scenes in the Harry Potter books that, for some reason, the directors saw it fit not to include them in any one of the films.