This Adorable Pup Was Named After Einstein

Named after one of the greatest scientists of all time, Einstein, a four-year-old Havanese rescue dog, has a lot to live up to. But being the lively pooch that he is, he seems to be up for the challenge. With almost 20k followers on Instagram, he might not be as famous as the original Einstein but judging by his buzzing online presence, he’s well on his way.

Based in Seattle, Washington, Einstein, who also goes by the name Panda, loves playing chase, giving face kisses, and making humans laugh. But he’s also described by his owner as a very gentle and loving dog. “One of my favorites is when a close friend brought her newborn to meet us,” his owner shared in an interview with Hello Bark! “I wasn’t sure how Einstein would do with the baby, but he was incredibly sweet and gentle with her. It was wonderful to see how caring he was with this tiny baby, and over the years their bond has gotten stronger and stronger.”

Adopted from a local shelter, his adoption process didn’t require much thinking on his owner’s part. “I was ready for a small dog, and was visiting shelters almost every day to find one that was a good fit,” he said. “One morning, I walked into a shelter and Einstein had been rescued the night before – there he was, staring up at me. I saw that he was a Havanese and I instantly knew he was my dog. I never expected to find a Havanese in a shelter, but it opened my eyes to the variety of pups who can be rescued the same way.”

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