This Giant Puppy Statue is Made of Flowers

You read right – this giant puppy statue was made entirely out of flowers. The incredible sculpture is situated at the entrance to the Guggenheim museum in Spain. The giant puppy statue has been guarding the Guggenheim museum since its inauguration in 1997 by King Juan Carlos I of Spain.

The puppy is about 12.4 meters tall, weighs 16 tons and is covered with tens of thousands of flowers. It has remained in the open area from 1997 to date. The giant pup, which was acquired with a sum of $1.2 million, more than two decades ago, is estimated to be worth $54 million.

Just as one might predict, the pup has featured in lots of photographs from tourists who came visiting the museum.

The multicolored puppy statue has remained fixed at the entrance to this museum since its launching and has continued to welcome tourists from different parts of the world.