This Short Animation About Penguins Will Get You Thinking

What happens when you find an abundant natural resource – and use it irresponsibly? This is a question that has been bothering many people in recent years, but in Ice Pepper, it’s not people who are exploiting this resource, but penguins!

In this short CGI animation, we follow two entrepreneurial penguins as they find a treasure in the Arctic: crates upon crates of… red hot chili peppers! And with the Arctic being so cold, the hot peppers become a precious commodity.

As the penguins hand them out to their friends – for a price – the holes the peppers burn through the ice sheets grow larger, and cause an unexpected problem.

Is this a parable for real-life events? You be the judge – but one thing that isn’t debatable is that the animation is gorgeous, quirky – and really, really funny.