Twitter User Visited a Pet Café In South Korea but Didn’t Expect That

Animal cafes have become more popular in recent times. Countries in Europe are littered with rescue dog restaurants and adorable cat cafes. Asia has changed the game when it comes to pet cafes.

Countries in Asia offer pet cafes with different types of domestic animals, including Alpacas. Surprising? Yes, it definitely is. One Twitter user experienced it firsthand, and he was shocked.

Alpacas have gotten a lot of attention recently since some new videos surfaced on the internet. These videos show how adorable the animals are and it has convinced people to adopt these creatures and integrated them into their homes.

The cafes usually have provision for the animals to roam free and feed. Alpacas love to be petted and fed, so the arrangement is excellent for them. Other animals such as baby hedgehogs and sheep also appear in cafes in Asia.

You can watch the video below