Woman Creates Food-Art That Will Satisfy Your Eyes and Taste Buds

Some say that love comes through the stomach and we couldn’t agree more, especially if the food is served as a true masterpiece. So is the case of De Meal Prepper, a Dutch woman who creates realistic-looking food art you would feel sorry to eat.

“I started creating easy recipes and making pictures for my website about meal prepping,” the food artist shared on Bored Panda. “I got a little too enthusiastic preparing the food on the plate and ended up making animals, famous actors, flowers and other stuff instead of plain dishes.”

She creates original designs, based on tasty recipes which she shares on her social media accounts. A snowman, a fox, a turtle, the face of Jack Nicholson, Elsa, Joker, etc., are just some of the creations you can find in her yummy gallery.

De Meal Prepper is currently open for commissions, so if you are looking for a special presentation, have a look at her Instagram profile or check out her website.