Follow Buni’s Adventures For Daily Doses of Humor

Buni is the main character in the world-known webcomic series titled Buni Comic. The creator and the mastermind behind this masterpiece is an illustrator named Ryan Pagelow. As we mentioned, the comic follows Buni and his friends. At first, it might seem cute and funny, but you’ll notice a sarcastic tone when you get more and more into it. People can relate to Buni, which is why Pagelow’s work is admired in the Instagram community.

He needs around three to four hours to finish each comic, including the time it takes him to write the idea. After he is satisfied with the idea, he starts sketching using paper and pencil.

“It’s rare for me to randomly get a bolt of inspiration of a fully fleshed out comic outside of when I’m sitting down and specifically thinking of ideas. But it does occasionally happen, and I’ll try to write it down on a scrap piece of paper or on my phone,” the artist said in an interview for Bored Panda.

After being named as the best online comic in 2013, the artist gathered some of his work and published a book: Buni: Happiness Is a State of Mind.

Although his comic is wordless, it says a lot. Scroll down and check out our favorites.