Gifted Artist Creates Portraits Of Rock N’ Roll Legends

Tess van Gompel, better known as Tess – Traditional Drawings on social media, is a gifted artist who loves drawing human portraits. He also has a huge passion for rock music, so her art work mostly contains portraits of big rock musicians like Travis Barker, Angus Young, Slash and many more. To create her art, the young artist mostly uses colored pencils.

“It results in combining them and draw my favorite artists,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “A lot of time is in it, the Guns n’ Roses one took me 66 hours to complete, but smaller drawings are mostly around 20 hours.”

She shares her work on her social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram where she is surrounded with Rock n’ Roll admirers.

If you are interested to see her work, check her out in the gallery below. Do you love rock music? Which portrait is your favorite?