Iranian Artist Makes Remarkable Leaf-Cutting Art

Omid Asadi is an Iranian artist who has been doing leaf-cutting art for seven years now, since 2012. Living and working in Manchester, UK, Asadi says that his art is “versatile and concerns many acute issues in contemporary society, like identity, the individual against the state, kindness, war, cruelty and mercy.”

“This art for me is about seeing! It is not just make a beautiful work,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “I believe one of the most important responsibilities of the artists is to make others see or create new ways to see the hidden aspects. We are surrounded by visual pollution and ads which they bombard our visions.”

If you are interested to see Asadi’s masterpieces, check out his social media accounts, his Instagram or Facebook page where he posts photographs of his art work. He also has a personal website where you can learn more about his life and career.

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Children of the world

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